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GW 3x4 fic - "Politics and Reality" part 3

The next part of politics and reality

Title: Politics and Reality part 3
Characters/Pairing: 3x4 (main pairing), some 4xR, implied background 5xS, 1x2, RxD and Catherine x OMC
Rating: R (It's probably only PG13 but I'm paranoid)
Warnings: Slash (and mentioned het), and I thought I had better warn but I didn't want to give the wrong impression so I think, implied offscreen consent issues best describes it (let me know if you have a suggestion of a better description).
A/N: This chapter needed to be from Trowa POV (and his reactions are influenced by - my interpretation of - his personality and past), but some of what is in this chapter will be considered again from Quatre's POV in the next chapter which I promise will not take another year to turn up.
Summary: Quatre and Relena are getting married although they are both in relationships with other people. This will only make sense if you read the first two parts, they can be found here: politics and reality and part 2, if you haven't read them, or have forgotten (because it's been, wow, more than a year since the last chapter)

Follow the link to part 3
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