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halcyon is my middle name

The story continues...

So as I was researching Gundam Wing stuff for a fic of mine I am writing. What do I find on the Gundam Wiki but a follow up to Endless Waltz called Frozen Teardrop.

It's a novel, written by one of the main writers of the series and continues the story 20 years or so in the future. Some of the characters have children, and guess which two pilots are still single and working together under the names Doktor T and Insructor W. There are also two new character who echo Trowa and Quatre but are not their children! You have to check it out.

Here's a link for those interested in reading the info. Spoilers ahead.


I so consider this novel canon now and will be working these details in my upcoming fics now. Yay for more canon! ^-^
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